Breakfast & After School Clubs

What We Offer

We have options available for you to book Breakfast Clubs & After School Clubs. Please register with us. Once you have registered your details will then be emailed through to us and we will then respond to you within 48hrs to follow up your enquiry.

Breakfast Club

Morning sessions run from 8am until 9am, Monday to Friday.

A Morning session at Breakfast Club costs £6.00 per child.

During the session, the children are given a nutritious and filling breakfast of cereal or toast, and a drink of milk, water or orange/apple juice. Fruit is available to the children at all times. The children can then choose from a range of varied and appropriate activities that will prepare them for their day ahead at School.

*Please note Children must arrive by 8.20am to receive a Breakfast or by 8.30am to join us on our walk round to School.

Children are safely escorted the short distance to School, accompanied by trained staff in time for the beginning of the school day.

After school Club

Afternoon sessions run from 3:15pm until 6pm, 
Monday to Friday. 

An Afternoon session at After School Club costs £13.50 per child.

The children are collected from their teacher at school by a member of our team and are given the opportunity to play in the school yard for around thirty minutes. Here the children will participate in activities that promote physical development and allow them some outdoor play time. The children are then escorted back to St Hilda’s Church Hall where they are given a healthy snack. We have a 2-WEEK rolling snack menu and our children are encouraged to try a nutritious variety of Fruit & Vegetables.

During the session, we provide an enabling environment where the children can choose from various activities to keep them engaged and happy through out their time with us. Free play in an enabling environment is hugely important to us here at Little Acorns as we believe play also allows children to relax, let off steam, develop social skills such as concentration and co-operation, encourages the development of the imagination, develops motor skills and teaches self expression. A structured activity or ‘challenge’ will also be provided each day, which may be related to a theme for the week or a cultural festival or celebration.

Booking and PAYMENT

A sibling discount of 10% is available for our Breakfast & After School Club sessions (This does not apply to our Holiday Clubs) and will be shown on your invoice. Childcare vouchers are also accepted. Current Childcare Vouchers we accept are Kidi Vouchers, Edenred, CompterShare, Busy Bee’s, Care 4, National Savings and more.