Early Years

Little Acorns clubs supports the delivery of the eyfs FRAMEWORK

We provide an exciting, enabling environment for all our children which provides continuous play opportunities and creative stations that our children can independently engage in initiating their own thoughts and ideas.
We deliver a range of fun child-led and adult-led play opportunities that link into the children’s interests whilst also supporting the Prime and Specific areas of the EYFS.

Here at Little Acorns, as an Early Years provider, we meet all standards to ensure that our EYFS children learn and develop to the best of their ability. We ensure our Children are healthy and safe and that they develop the knowledge and skills they need to progress. We support the delivery of the EYFS by providing a range of exciting and stimulating play opportunities. We take time to listen to the children and parents and develop play opportunities that will support and reinforce the children’s learning.

Our children in the EYFS stage are designated a keyworker at the beginning of the year who will document their progress throughout their reception year, in the form of a Learning Journal. We have regular communications with the Children’s teachers at West Jesmond Primary and we ensure that we are working together to gain the best possible support and development for your child.

The 7 Areas of Learning and Development

Children should first develop in the 3 prime areas as these are essential for healthy development and future learning. These areas ensure that children establish a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and understanding upon which they can build throughout their lives.

1. Communication and Language At Little Acorns Clubs we create an environment for young children to express themselves as this allows them to develop their language and communication skills.

2. Physical Development Children love to be active and to help their physical development, it is vital to provide them with the time, space and tools to do so. We have a wonderful outdoor playgrounds here at Little Acorns Clubs with suitable equipment to really enhance the children’s physical development.

3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development One of the major benefits of children attending Breakdast/After School/Holiday Clubs is the social interaction they get with other children their own age. Learning social skills, developing an early understanding of emotions and collaborating with others are imperative skills which will be beneficial in most situations throughout life. The next four areas of learning and development are more specific.

4. Literacy In this area of learning, children begin to discover phonemic awareness which is the ability to hear and identify different words and sounds. This is the area where children also start to learn how to read and write.

5. Mathematics Children are supported in being able to describe shapes, spaces and measures as well as guided in developing skills with numbers and calculations.

6. Understanding the World This is the beginning stage of when children start to make sense of things through observation and exploration.

7. Expressive Arts and Design Imagination is an essential component of childhood and helps children learn many lifelong lessons. In this area of learning, creative activities like painting, drawing, music and technology give children the opportunity to learn new things, express themselves and develop their creativity.